IID Research Department (IIDRD)


The Interdisciplinary Institute of Design is a network of researchers with aim of developing a deeper understanding of the connection between design, business, and the human experience. Through a combination of research grants, publications and external partnerships, we seek insights that will help solve the cities’ most pressing challenges. 
We are committed to unlocking new solutions and strategies that will define the future of design in domains of urban areas, outdoor environments, landscapes, interior spaces and buildings. IIDRD is committed to link design and practice through an interdisciplinary lens. Researchers in IIDRD come from many countries with diverse backgrounds and experiences in design and planning-related fields. 
The department seeks to conduct new research on “frontier issues”, designed to generate innovative design and planning thinking for better environments at the future. The IIDRD also publishes its research and valuable results from other scholars and institutions widely in different formats, including reports, research briefings, academic journal papers, working papers, collaborative reports with academics and is present in social media.
Urban studies 
Research areas include public open spaces, place making, social justice, environmental justice, urban suburbs, informal settlements, public transportation, transit-oriented development, strategic planning, urban branding, vertical urban design, cultural heritage, advocacy planning, eco-friendly cities, resilience, healthy cities, urban ecology, participatory planning, urban management, geospatial analysis, gentrification, affordable housing, smart growth, smart communities, green spaces and urban education.




Research areas include architectural history, architectural design process, architectural education, architectural details, construction, parametric design, vernacular architecture, architectural styles, cultural heritage, architectural restoration, lighting design, ventilation, daylighting, environmental psychology.  

Landscape Architecture

Research areas include public open spaces, urban landscapes, rural landscapes, green spaces, green infrastructure, productive landscapes, vertical farming, blue infrastructure, ecosystem services, cultural landscapes, landscape fragmentation, landscape connectivity, landscape urbanism, green roofs, public gardens, wetlands, green resilient infrastructure, healing gardens, schoolyard design, stormwater management, landscape ecology, and landscape history.

Sustainable design

Research areas include recycling, passive and active systems, urban modeling, energy modeling, double-skin facades, green buildings, LEED, LEED ND, climate resilience, climate change adaptation, energy efficiency, nature-based solutions, biophilic design, biomimetic design, bionic architecture, green walls, green facades, renewable energies.  

Interior Design

Research areas include cultural interior spaces, residential design, healthcare design, way finding, evidence-based design, …. 
Creative design
Research areas include virtual reality, augmented reality, creative place making, design process, industrial design, urban furniture.